USB Rainbow Sunset Red LED Projector Night Light

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Want the sun to appear on your indoor plant every day?

Want a rainbow hovering over your head as you jump in the bed to sleep?

Do you want to have the coolest Instagram pictures among your followers?

It’s time to bring this much-anticipated USB Rainbow Sunset Red LED Projector Night Light into your life and fulfill all the dreams stated above.

It’s cool, it’s trendy, everyone’s buying it so why shouldn’t you. After all, there must be something so uniquely brilliant about this projector night light that is convincing everyone to buy it.


What you’ll get:

  • Generates realistic effects: This night lamp produces realistic imitations of the setting sun, rainbow and the sun. Position it on your bed, an indoor plant, on the curtains or any other place you want. As you take the lamp away from the wall, the light becomes diffused.
  • Rotatable head for more freedom: The head of the lamp can rotate 180o along the x-axis so you can show projections on the ceiling or on the floor as well. It is great for kids who like to have night lights in their room. It gives an artistic and fun twist to the general night illumination.
  • A great projector for photoshoot: Different variants of the USB rainbow sunset LED projector light allows you to create multiple backgrounds for clicking mesmerizing photos. Be it for your fashion magazine or Instagram followers, it guarantees like-worthy photos. 


Projector lamp
Creates realistic imitation of sun, rainbow
180° rotatable head
Great for photoshoots, kids
Powered by USB cable (included)



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