Stainless Steel Bottle Cap Opener Ring

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Be the “go-to man” at the party with this Bottle Opener Ring. It is a handy wearable that will allow you to open bottle caps almost invisibly. You may have seen actors opening bottle caps with their teeth and ring in the movies and people getting impressed by them. Well, you can be the same with this. Use it as a normal, minimalistic ring when not opting to open beer bottles with it.

What you’ll get:

  • Stainless Steel built: The ring is rust-proof, scratch-proof, and perfectly polished.
  • Heroism at the party: There are never enough bottle openers at a party. Why find one when you can open bottles from your fingers. This ring will make you the hit of the party. Everyone will turn towards you to have their soda or beer bottle opened.
  • Gift for a gadget-loving person: If you have a gadget fanatic in your family or know someone who is, this bottle opening ring is for him/her. It is lightweight, convenient, and effective. 

Made of Stainless Steel
Diameter: 2.2 cm
Lightweight; 14g approx.
Makes you the hero at a party
Multiple colors available

Shipping time: 10-20 days